19 Dental Implant Realities You Must Know

19 Dental Implant Realities You Must Know

December 1, 2022

If you are among the millions of Canadians with missing teeth, you might receive information dental implants are worth investigating. Dentures and dental bridges were the sole options for people with missing teeth. Presently dental implants are a preferred option of millions of Canadians looking to fill gaps between their teeth.

Dental implants near you provide a stable foundation for replacement teeth matching your natural ones. If you miss teeth, learn about the 20 dental implant realities in this composition to understand why dental implants are a popular solution for a healthy smile.

The Realities of Dental Implants

1. Dental Implants Resemble Your Natural Teeth

Dental implants appear and function like your natural teeth. Implanted teeth appear natural, with durability and stability, to ensure they don’t shift or move like partials or dentures. To deliver a natural appearance, the dental crown mounted on the implant is shaded to match your remaining teeth. It ensures you receive a comfortable and natural-looking replacement solution.

2. Implants Are Worth the Investment

Dental implants are expensive and might seem like a more substantial investment than other replacement solutions. However, dentures, partials, and bridges can cost more over time because they need replacements and frequent upkeep. In contrast, dental implants last for life without needing replacements because of Jawbone deterioration.

3. Implants Don’t Concern You

Even customized dentures can slip or move when least expected. As a result, you are constantly concerned about the embarrassment accompanying the restorations making you smile less often. Thankfully dental implants never cause any concerns because they are embedded deep into your jawbone and function as your natural teeth after integrating with it.

4. Implants Help Retain Your Facial Feature

Total loss causes your facial features to sag to give you a sunken appearance. You also confront challenges having foods to become a victim of indigestion requiring treatment from different medical professionals. Thankfully dental implants help retain facial features giving you sufficient reasons to smile besides preventing the sagging of your facial features.

5. Implants Prevent Jawbone Deterioration

Your jawbone needs stimulation from the chewing and biting forces of your teeth to prevent resorption. When you have missing teeth, jawbone deterioration starts within ten days and progresses to 25 percent annually, making it vulnerable. Dental implants prevent jawbone deterioration after bonding with it in the osseointegration process, which helps the implant fuse with your body. Replacement solutions sitting on your gums, like bridges and dentures, don’t help with jawbone resorption making implants an excellent option for missing teeth.

6. Implants Prevent Unnecessary Embarrassment

Missing a tooth in the aesthetic zone can make you feel embarrassed with the gap between your teeth and hold you back from socializing with friends or family members. When you decide to get dental implants in Harriston, ON, you get your smile back with dental implants proving as a confidence booster for your smile. You feel better about yourself after closing the gap created by the missing tooth.

7. Caring for Dental Implants Is Straightforward

Maintaining your dental implants is straightforward and merely requires brushing and flossing your teeth and getting six monthly oral prophylaxis from your dentist. No sticky adhesives to apply in your mouth to prevent the restorations from slipping or invest in special tools to clean teeth like it is familiar with dental bridges.

8. Your Teeth Belong in Your Mouth — Implants Help Keep Them There

Implanted teeth will not require removal every night for cleaning or storage, unlike alternative replacement solutions. The longevity of your implanted teeth extends because the additional work is eliminated. Dental implants are fixed in your mouth; you don’t need to remove them for cleaning or caring for your gums separately.

9. Food Restrictions Eliminated

If dentures make it difficult for you to have your favorite foods because of slippage or movement when biting foods, implants eliminate the concern because they enable you to enjoy the food you love with the implanted teeth. You can bite and chew the delectable favorites you desire, allowing you to enjoy foods without concerns.

10. Protection for Remaining Teeth

Missing teeth make you a victim of some consequences that begin affecting you if you do not replace them as soon as possible. The teeth adjacent to the missing tooth gap shift into the void to create a misalignment in your mouth. The teeth in the opposite jaw also move upwards or downwards to create similar problems making you vulnerable to swollen gums, jaw pain, and additional tooth loss. Dental implants function like natural teeth to help prevent your remaining teeth from shifting.

11. Incredibly Successful

Dental implants are incredibly successful, with approximately 98 percent of all implants lasting for a lifetime. Implant failures occur only when recipients don’t maintain excellent dental hygiene, manage chronic diabetes, or smoke. Therefore if you decide on dental implants, a reliable replacement solution in your mouth remains with you for life.

12. Reliable Restoration

If you want reliable replacements for missing teeth, you can find none better than dental implants making the investment in them worth it. No concerns about extra maintenance and replacements associated with alternative replacement solutions. Dental implants are the most reliable replacement option for a missing tooth appearing and functioning like your natural teeth.

13. Tooth Decay Goodbye

With dental implants, you never have to worry about tooth decay because the dental crown resists your mouth bacteria and the acids they deposit to eliminate the need for fillings or root canals.

14. Implants Cost Fewer Dollars Than Other Solutions

Implants undoubtedly require an initial upfront investment when getting them. However, the costs associated with maintaining dental implants are minimal, making them an excellent replacement solution for missing teeth.

15. Everyone Is Suitable for Dental Implants

Except for children with developing jawbones, everyone is suitable for dental implants so long as they are not affected by immunosuppressive conditions or have unhealthy jawbones. Therefore anyone qualifying for dental implants, regardless of age, can have their teeth replaced using this excellent solution.

16. Titanium Helps Make Dental Implants

Biocompatible titanium helps make dental implants inserted deep into your jawbone fuse with your body to become the tooth root you lost with your natural teeth. In addition, the implant provides incredible stability to the dental crown, eventually mounted on it to function as your artificial tooth.

17. Porcelain Helps Make Your Artificial Teeth

Your artificial tooth is fabricated from dental grade porcelain customized for your mouth by the providers to make them appear and function like your natural teeth. It indicates that your artificial tooth remains indistinguishable in the mouth, making you and the provider the only people to know you have implanted teeth.

18. Dental Implants Need Surgery

When looking for a reliable solution for your missing teeth, you must endure some challenges when getting them. Similarly, dental implants require surgery to embed them in your jawbone and plenty of recovery time before you can get your artificial teeth over them. However, the investment is worth the effort because it provides you with desperately seeking replacements.

19. Implants Support Speech Clarity

Did you know missing teeth, besides affecting your smile and facial appearance, make it difficult to pronounce words causing you to mumble when speaking? If you don’t, please realize implants can help overcome this problem to enable you to talk, making yourself understandable to everyone.

If you think dental implants are suitable to replace your lost teeth, Harriston Family Dentistry provides dental implants with all the benefits discussed in this article. Consult with the practice today to start your tooth replacement procedure with dental implants.