Dental Crowns in Harriston, ON

Dental Crowns in Harriston, ON

A dental crown is a custom cover for a damaged tooth. Crowns are tooth-shaped and made from various materials, including porcelain, metal alloy, porcelain fused to metal, zirconia, stainless steel, and resin.

When cemented to damaged teeth, crowns restore dental function and appearance. If you’re looking to get custom crowns in Harriston, ON, kindly reach out to Harriston Family Dentistry today.

When Do You Require Dental Crowns?

Tooth crowns near you are versatile and can fix multiple dental problems at a go. Our dentists in Harriston, ON may recommend dental crowns for any of these reasons:

  • To cover a severely decayed tooth.
  • To restore a worn or misshapen tooth.
  • To cap a tooth implant.
  • To support a dental bridge.
  • To transform severely discoloured teeth.
  • To protect a large tooth filling.

The Patient Experience

If you require dental crowns to restore your teeth, you’ll need to undergo a series of steps under the guidance of our dentists near you. Typically, patients require two to three visits to get dental crowns.

However, with the advent of same-day dentistry, you can get custom ceramic crowns within a single appointment. Same-day dentistry has been made possible by computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacture (CAD/CAM).

Here’s what happens during a dental crowns treatment journey:

  • The dentist carefully examines you to gather relevant dental health insights.
  • Next, the dentist reshapes your tooth by trimming off some tooth enamel to make room for the crowns. Before this step, prerequisite steps, e.g., root canal treatment, may be required.
  • After reshaping the tooth, the dentist obtains your dental impressions.
  • A temporary prefabricated crown is used to cover the reshaped tooth.
  • The dental lab manufactures your custom crowns from your dental impressions.
  • On your subsequent visit, the dentist removes the temporary restorations and replaces them with your permanent crowns. Crowns are attached to existing teeth using dental cement.

If you’re getting a dental crown to replace a missing tooth, you’ll require dental implant surgery.

Tooth crowns restore your chewing and smiling ability and are ideal for fixing an assortment of dental issues. Are you searching for a trusted dental office that manufactures quality custom crowns near you? If yes, please reach out to Harriston Family Dentistry right away.