Oral Cancer Screenings in Harriston, ON

Oral Cancer Screenings in Harriston, ON

Oral cancer screenings in Harriston, ON are key components of preventive dentistry. At Harriston Family Dentistry, we recommend getting screened for mouth cancer at least once every three years if you’re above the age of 20. For patients older than 40, annual screening should do the trick. Please note that your dentists may alter the frequency of screening to correspond to your unique needs.

Our dentists in Harriston, ON check for oral cancer symptoms during oral cancer screenings and recommend treatment steps if required.

Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer symptoms often develop quietly over an extended period. That’s why it’s advisable to have a trained professional take a look in your mouth regularly, as they can detect signs that may not be apparent to the untrained eye.

Common mouth cancer symptoms include persistent mouth sores, lumps and swelling, difficulty and pain when chewing and swallowing, bad breath, loose teeth, ear pain and mouth pain.

What Happens During Screening?

Oral cancer screenings near you aim to identify or rule out oral cancer symptoms and then guide the patient toward the next steps. Our dentists in Harriston, ON visually inspect your oral cavity and surrounding tissues to check for easily identifiable oral cancer signs during your appointment. In some cases, the dentists may further use an oral cancer screening light or dye to highlight cancerous cells or tissue.

It’s worth bearing in mind that oral cancer screening isn’t diagnostic. That is, the dentist cannot arrive at a diagnosis through an oral cancer screening exercise. Instead, a biopsy test is the only definitive way of determining if you have oral cancer.

If the dentist discovers problematic symptoms, the next step involves ordering or performing a biopsy test. If the biopsy test shows that you have cancerous tissue in your mouth, our dentists near you liaise with cancer specialists to ensure you get the care you require.

If no eyebrow-raising concerns are detected during your oral cancer screening appointment, then you can go home with the assurance that you’re in excellent health.

To enjoy comprehensive oral cancer screenings in Harriston, ON, please get in touch with Harriston Family Dentistry today.