Root Canal Therapy in Harriston, ON

Root Canal Therapy in Harriston, ON

Your tooth consists of three crucial layers: the outer tooth enamel, the underlying dentin and the innermost dental pulp, which contains blood vessels and nerves. If the dental pulp becomes infected, your dentist may recommend root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy in Harriston, ON involves removing the inflamed or infected dental pulp from the inside of a tooth. This procedure eliminates the blood vessels and nerves from the tooth, thus rendering it dead. However, the dental function remains unaffected, and you can still bite or chew using the treated tooth.

What Causes Dental Pulp Infection?

Several factors can cause the dental pulp to become infected or diseased. Top on the list is tooth decay. Tooth decay typically attacks the topmost layer of the tooth—the tooth enamel—first. When left unaddressed, tooth decay can spread to the dentin and dental pulp, necessitating root canal treatment.

Trauma or injury to a tooth and excessive tooth grinding can also cause dental pulp inflammation.

Here at Harriston Family Dentistry, we encourage patients to book regular dental exams and cleanings to safeguard against tooth decay and other dental issues.

Signs You Require Root Canal Treatment

Often, there are telltale signs that point to a need for root canal treatment. Our dentists in Harriston, ON may recommend root canal therapy if you’re showing any of these symptoms:

  • Intrinsic tooth discolouration
  • Heightened tooth sensitivity
  • Persistent toothaches
  • Tender and swollen gums
  • Persistent pimple on adjacent gums

Root Canal Procedure

Root canal therapy near you is similar to a tooth filling procedure. However, in endodontic or root canal treatment, the dentist drills much deeper into the tooth.

To perform root canal therapy, the dentist first administers anesthesia to numb the tooth. Additionally, some patients may require sedation to help them stay calm during treatment.

After numbing the tooth, the dentist drills the tooth to access the decayed or diseased dental pulp. Then, using root canal files, the dentist removes all the infected dental pulp. Next, the dentist cleans out the tooth and disinfects it. Finally, the dentist seals the treated tooth with gutta-percha material to discourage the re-entry of bacteria. In cases of severe tooth damage, a dental crown may be used to restore dental function and appearance.

Timely root canal treatment prevents further dental damage and lowers your risk of tooth loss.

Are you searching for a family-friendly dental office that provides root canal therapy in Harriston, ON? Then, kindly reach out to Harriston Family Dentistry to book a treatment session with our dentists near you.