How Can I Make My Dental Implant Heal Faster?

How Can I Make My Dental Implant Heal Faster?

April 1, 2022

Understandably, you may not want to smile when you have missing teeth. Missing one or more teeth affects your appearance and self-esteem. Not only that, but they also cause bone loss affect how you eat, talk, and jaw function. Therefore, it is best to get a replacement.

Dental implants are long-term teeth replacements. Ideally, it takes between three and nine months to get dental implants. Therefore, you need to speed up your healing process. Fortunately, we discuss six tips for making your dental implant in Harriston, ON, heal faster.

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#1 – Getting Enough Rest

Harriston Family Dentistry cannot overemphasize the importance of rest. Your body can heal itself when you rest. For example, when recovering from dental implant surgery, you may feel tired or worn down. Well, this is just your body’s way of telling you to slow down and take a rest.

Immediately after your implant surgery, you must rest for the next few days. You should also avoid strenuous activities even if you feel better to prevent postoperative complications

#2 – Staying Hydrated

Your body flushes out toxins when it is well hydrated. You’ll also feel good and energized. Apart from drinking enough water after getting your implants placed, you should avoid taking alcohol and coffee till you’ve recovered because they dehydrate your body. Furthermore, avoid using a straw when drinking water

#3 – Eating Soft and Healthy Foods

After getting your implants, it is best to eat only soft foods for at least 48 hours because soft foods do not require much chewing, thus limiting jaw movement. Furthermore, you should avoid eating hot or spicy foods because they may irritate the implant site and cause bleeding.

Your foods should not only be soft; they need to be nutritious to aid faster healing. Healthy food helps you heal faster, reducing the risk of developing postoperative complications. You can steam vegetables and broccoli to get a soft, nutritious meal. you can also incorporate smoothies and protein shakes into your diet

#4 – Saltwater Rinses

Saltwater rinses are soothing, reduce bacteria in the mouth, and not irritate your surgical site. According to your dentist’s instructions, you can get saltwater rinse four times a day or more to speed up your healing. When rinsing your mouth, swish the saltwater in your mouth for approximately 30 seconds before spitting it out.

You can make a saltwater rinse by adding a teaspoon of salt to 8 ounces of warm water and waiting for all the salt to dissolve

#5 – Avoid Smoking

Smoking is harmful to your dental health and your overall health. Tobacco products contain nicotine which restricts oxygen flow to your oral tissue, making it harder for your body to heal. Furthermore, research shows there are higher chances of implant failure in smokers than non-smokers. Therefore, it is best to avoid or best quit smoking when recovering after a dental implant

#6 – Using Ice Packs

After getting your implant, you may experience slight swelling. You can relieve pain and swelling by applying an icepack. It is best to wrap the ice pack in a towel before applying it to your face to prevent skin damage.

Furthermore, you should use the ice pack for 20 minutes and remove it for another 20 minutes before applying it again. This way, you can prevent an ice burn


Because dental implants are a permanent solution, they are ideal for fixing your missing teeth. After getting your implant, you can speed up your healing by getting enough rest, staying hydrated, and eating healthy food.

If you have missing teeth, you should visit a dentist near you for a consultation and know if dental implants are the best option.