Teeth Whitening Strips: Pros and Cons

Teeth Whitening Strips: Pros and Cons

April 1, 2023

If you are like many, who love a beautiful smile with brighter teeth but think your dentition does not have the perfect colour, you may, like many others, consider whitening your teeth to complement your smile. Unfortunately, your dislike for dentists may prevent you from seeking a safe and effective remedy offered by them with teeth whitening near me right opposite your place, thinking they are too expensive.

You can even justify your thinking with the belief that the stains on your teeth are an irritant comfortably managed from the comfort of your home instead of visiting dentists. As you walk in your neighbourhood, you notice drugstores promoting teeth whitening strips, claiming they can brighten your smile faster than other products.

You go through the paperwork at the drugstore and decide to invest in some, thinking they will give you an impressive smile when a couple of days of use. You don’t inquire about the advantages and disadvantages of teeth whitening strips concentrating merely on the price of the home remedy when purchasing a pack to whiten your teeth at home. So far, so good.

Teeth whitening strips are favoured by many as a convenient, affordable, and safe alternative to dentist-provided teeth whitening treatments requiring time at the dentist’s office, considerable expenditure, and minor discomfort occasionally. Unfortunately, you overlook all the advantages the dentist offers you in favor of the strips just because you feel the convenience of whitening your teeth affordably is better than the benefits dentists offer when whitening your teeth at the dental office.

Are Teeth Whitening Strips Worth It?

As mentioned, many dislike dental visits for any purpose, be it their dental health aesthetic reasons. Teeth whitening is an aesthetic dentistry procedure that a dentist performs better instead of a barber in the past. If you favour teeth whitening strips instead of dentists, you may have a specific reason for the preference. However, you are responsible for understanding the effectiveness of dentist-provided teeth whitening and comparing it with teeth whitening strip effectiveness. You will quickly realize that dentists deliver instant results in a couple of meetings, while strips need a few sessions before you start noticing any difference in the colour of your teeth.

You may find the prices of teeth whitening strips attractive thinking you can afford the minor risks. However, are you willing to endure the significant problems you might encounter if you do not adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions or confront other challenges? To help you overcome the issues mentioned above, we provide a list of whitening strip pros and cons to assist you in making an informed decision.

Benefits and Downsides of Teeth Whitening Strips

The popularity of teeth whitening strips is immense, especially among youngsters with little knowledge about the risks of teeth whitening strips. However, youngsters do not try to ascertain whether the whitening strips deliver the results promised without complications as they do and do so quickly as expected. Instead, many, like youngsters, are attracted by the prices of the whitening strips to make impulsive purchases expecting instant teeth whitening strip results.

Before purchasing whitening strips, it helps to understand the pros and cons of these whitening remedies when purchasing these products.


  • Most people benefit from whitening strips without adverse effects or problems.
  • The strips are easy-to-use, convenient, and affordable. You can purchase them from the drugstore or even an online center.
  • Whitening teeth with strips a few minutes or half an hour even as you continue working on other activities at home instead of sitting in the dentist’s chair with your mouth open for an hour or 90 minutes.


  • Teeth whitening strips rely on adhesives for fixation to your teeth. Unfortunately, the adhesives often fail to make the strips unusable.
  • Overusing the strips to achieve faster results can damage tooth enamel.
  • Whitening strips are not effective for all kinds of stains on your teeth. For example, you may not find the strips effective against intrinsic stains developing from trauma, antibiotics ingested as children or poor oral hygiene. On the contrary, the strips can make the colours appear darker than before by whitening a few teeth and discolouring the others.
  • Tooth sensitivity and gum irritation are familiar problems with whitening strips.

While teeth whitening strips offer you the convenience of whitening your teeth at home at affordable prices, they do not deliver safe and instant results from using them like the dentist providing teeth whitening in Harriston, ON, does after whitening your teeth just over an hour to improve their colour by 3 to 8 shades out of 16 in one visit. You can request home whitening trays from the dentist if you desire to maintain your investment results longer. However, if you must have discolored teeth whitening, the optimal remedy to seek is from a dentist, not from strips that don’t have patient concerns in mind and are merely generic.

Dental professionals better whiten discolored teeth at Harriston Family Dentistry than strips, delivering faster results instantly after examining your teeth and mouth. Please arrange an appointment with them to discuss your predicament and get your teeth whitened by a dental professional.